Bruno Farmaceutici - Quality


BRUNO Farmaceutici aims to be a company that encourages innovation, that sees challenges as an opportunity for growth by leveraging on the quality of its products and the skills of its staff.

The adoption of a quality management system was a decision taken by BRUNO Farmaceutici as part of the company’s strategic vision.

The decision to adopt the 2015 version of ISO 9001 standard was taken by BRUNO Farmaceutici to earn and keep the trust of current and future customers by ensuring control of service delivery, appropriate management of activities and continuous improvement.

The management team of BRUNO Farmaceutici, by applying the standards requirements to the company’s specific needs, adopted a QMS to ensure improved performance to their customers and to promote the understanding of customers’ and regulatory requirements within the organization.

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BRUNO Farmaceutici is committed to providing effective, high-quality products and excellent services to receive the greatest satisfaction and loyalty from both customers and stakeholders while ensuring full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Quality defect reporting is an important tool to monitor the adequacy and efficiency of our QMS and to identify potential areas for improvement.

All the parties involved in the supply chain (patients, pharmacists, wholesalers, healthcare professionals, warehouses, etc.) can report a defect in a product’s chemical-physical and technical characteristics using the Online Quality Defect Report Form